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CaringDevon.com GO TO  HOMEPAGE | Caring with Love Go to the CaringDevon twitter feed Go to our Online Radio station ... DevonCommunityRadio .com Reviews on our service at CaringDevon.com More info on us at CaringDevon.com
CaringDevon.com | Love the Planet and love Yourself
CaringDevon.com | Learn to love Yourself and enjoy life to the full
CaringDevon.com | Helping the Elderly and Disabled enjoy their lives
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CaringDevon.com Caring Devon ' Caring with Love ' Helping the Elderly , Disabled and people in general Part of DevonCommunity and FunLivingInDevon community dartmoor charity helping charities social enterprise education business sponsor directory online radio mash-up media technology

CaringDevon.com - a range of expanding services :

help the elderly:
music therapy , chair-based exercises for the elderly , Disabled , brain gym , one-to-one tuition for the elderly , Disabled , motivational activities , engagement games for the elderly , Disabled ....

love yourself:
being happy , positive thinking , clever eating , tuning your body to holistics , physical well-being, yoga , tai chi , intuitive dancing , massage , trail running , wild-camping , guided walking trips....

love the planet:
blue planet , holistic technology , permaculture , eco-living , off-grid future ...

Qualified and experienced staff . DBS checked

CaringDevon is a brand new site, 'Love the Planet' is not yet active...

New for 2020:

*Therapy Doggie *Cinema Club *AIM- BrainGym Tablet launch *RADIATOR- Self-hosted Residents Radio


activities music therapy brain gym fitness pets radio motivation people Care elderly disabled dementia
CaringDevon is based near Newton Abbot Devon. We offer unique group and 1 to 1 caring activities, from Music Therapy, Fitness, Brain-Gym and more for the Elderly and Disabled. Everything we do is offered with Love.
CaringDevon.com Caring Devon | Caring with Love